Pizza City

Uncle Tony’s got a new delivery boy—you. In Pizza City you’re the pie jockey, shuttling pizzas from Tony’s all over an expansive cityscape filled with colorful characters. Do well and you can upgrade your car and get the pies out faster.Original game produced by Adult Swim Games and developed by Pixeljam Games.Updates:If you see a blank gray screen for a few seconds when starting the game, just sit tight — it’s loading!Instructions:You begin at the pizzeria. Select orders on the map by clicking them with the mouse or by highlighting them using the ARROW keys and pressing ENTER to accept. Click “Exit” with the mouse or highlight it with the ARROW keys and press ENTER to accept to back out of the pizzeria.In your car, use the ARROW keys (or the W, A, S, D keys) to accelerate in a given direction.The radar in the upper right corner of the screen will help you find deliveries.Drive toward the colored circles (green, yellow and red indicate customer satisfaction). Circles may start at the edge of the radar screen but will get larger/pop up on the radar as you get closer.Other things on the radar – Tony’s Pizza, indicated by a “T” icon; and the nearest Dino Gas stations, indicated by the dinosaur icons.After you have completed all the accepted deliveries, return to Tony’s to get more. If you’re running low on gas, fill up at a Dino Gas station.X or SHIFT – Handbrake (for when you absolutely have to stop),M – Full-screen map,V – Toggles audio,Tab – Toggles the in-game HUD on and off,R – From pause screen, restarts game.S – From pizzeria, saves your current game in the currently selected slot.Buy new cars from Sal’s (just south of the pizzeria) with the money you earn pie-driving.