Agony The Portal

After countless millenia of imprisonment in a long forgotten tomb, the lord of the undead is finally freed by careless grave robbers. The world is about to change forever….Armed with a flail and an arsenal of spells and combat moves your ultimate goal is to collect ancient artifacts which are needed to open a portal to the realm of the dead.These artifacts are guarded by the kings of Gonia. There are 8 kings each belonging to a different race of enemies.Controls: Movement : Arrow Keys or W,A,DAttack: Space or UBlock: Shift or I ( Enemies attacking you from behind won’t be blocked )Spells: Numberkeys or Numpad. Hold ‘down’ to cast the fireball spell less steep or down, if jumping.CombatMoves: First you will need to learn the combat move after leveling up. The key combinationneeded is written in the description of the combat move.Charge: Forward + Forward + AttackJump: Forward + Down + Attack use the left/right keys to steer in flightTeleport: Forward + Forward + BlockStunattack: Forward + Backward + AttackSlambomb: Down + Down + Attack use the left/right keys to steer in flightSlambomb also works when jumping.